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Wife stabbed by jealous husband after sinking Jagerbombs wants to save marriage

A woman stabbed by her jealous husband after he sank Jagerbombs wants to save their marriage.

John Cook from Bradford was jailed at Hull Crown Court this week after admitting wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Cook, 60, stabbed his wife in the stomach after drinking beer and Jagerbombs at a caravan park in Skipsea, East Yorkshire, on August 1, before turning the knife on himself.

Yet Mrs Cook made a statement saying she "hoped they may be able to save their marriage", according to the Hull Daily Mail.

The court heard how officers arrived at the scene and were surprised "how calm the situation was" considering the amount of blood.

Prior to the incident, Cook questioned his wife about calls to what he believed was a taxi firm. Mrs Cook became upset when he accused her of cheating on him and assured him she was just speaking to a garage where her car was repaired.

They then set off to Skipsea from their Bradford home and went to the caravan park's beach club for drinks with friends.

The prosecution told the court Mrs Cook had drunk 10 bottles of beer but the defendant had drunk fewer.

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Prosecutor Ms Baines said: "They ended the night drinking Jägerbombs and she was surprised that he had consumed some as he would not usually."

Both drunk, they left together and a bartender at the camp said there seemed to be no animosity between them. But around midnight a woman in a neighbouring caravan heard a man shouting angrily.

She said she heard "how can you leave me for" but could not make out any more of what was said.

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"Mrs Cook couldn’t recall the defendant shouting at her," said Ms Baines. "She got into bed, closed her eyes, and tried to go to sleep.

"She then felt a wetness spread across her chest. The defendant was next to the bed with his hands on his upper stomach.

"She then realised the defendant had stabbed her and stabbed himself."

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Cook’s wife went to the bathroom to clean herself up as blood dripped onto the floor, while Cook laid down on the bed clutching his stomach.

She called her daughter and told her "he stabbed me and stabbed himself, he stabbed me with a knife". Friends, called to look in on them by Mrs Cook's daughter, then went to the scene before calling an ambulance.

Officers who attended the scene were handed the kitchen knife used in the stabbings by a paramedic.

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Cook was arrested but taken to Hull Royal Infirmary for treatment along with his wife, who was stabbed in the upper abdomen and suffered a laceration to her liver.

Cook, who had stabbed himself five centimetres above his belly button, was discharged on August 5 and taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

Despite giving a "no comment interview" he said they'd had a good relationship until about a year ago and she had become "more secretive".

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He became suspicious about the mileage on her car and she had been getting up in the night to look at text messages.

Cook promised to plead guilty and speak in court if police dropped attempted murder charges. He later admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

At the sentencing hearing the court heard Mrs Cook "did not want her husband to be punished criminally" and said in a statement the incident was "out of character" as he had "never been violent to her in the past".

"What he had done was serious but she hoped they may be able to save their marriage and that he would seek help," prosecutor Ms Baines said.

Cook, of Fagley Drive, Bradford, admitted that what he did was a "dangerous act" in a letter to Judge John Thackray QC.

Sentencing Cook to four years in prison for , Judge Thackray told him that he could have been standing in the dock facing a life sentence for murder.

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