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Hero police dog takes down suspected carjacker in tense bodycam clip

This is the heartstopping moment a police officer unleashed his hound to tackle a suspected carjacker to the ground.

The pursuit started after officers from the Pasco Sheriff's Office in Florida, US, received information on the suspect, who was wanted in connection with a carjacking incident.

Bodycam footage released by the police captures deputy Carmack, a K-9 officer driving the scene before setting the trained animal, Shep, to chase after the suspect.

As soon as he opens the door for the pooch, he gives command by saying: "Get him! Get him!"

The officer follows to the back of a property where the police dog apparently tackles a bald man in black top on the ground.

While the dog is biting the man's lower back, deputy Carmack takes out his handcuffs and yells: "Hands up motherf*****, put your hands up!"

The man gives himself up and puts his hands behind his neck, saying: "I'm down."

Another police officer is seen coming in from another direction to assist the arrest while deputy Carmack pulls his dog away.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office said on Facebook: "Units received information that a subject wanted in connection with a carjacking was in the area of County Line Road in northern Pasco County.

"As multiple units responded to the location, the suspect fled and, when the suspect refused to stop, a pursuit was initiated.

"Shortly after the pursuit began, the suspect struck stop sticks, stopped the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot when he was quickly apprehended by K9 Shep and Deputy Carmack.

"We again share these videos to highlight the good work of our men, women and K9s."

The investigation is ongoing.

Hundreds of comments poured in to congratulate the deputy and Shep for "taking a bite out of crime".

One wrote: "Love when a K9 gets to grab a fugitive. They get to use the skills from training and take a ‘bite out of crime.’

"Both officers on this team very impressive."

"K-9 Shep and Deputy Carmack are such an amazing team!" a second wrote. "So proud of our Pasco Sheriff's Office."

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