‘They don’t want us to succeed!’ David Davis names the two EU nations who fear UK triumph

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The former Brexit Secretary told LBC that the European Union has paranoia regarding other countries wanting to follow the UK in leaving the trading bloc. The Conservative MP named France and Germany as the nations that do not want Brexit to succeed. 

Mr Davis said: I think part of this is driven by an emotional imperative, certainly from the French and to an extent the Germans.

“They did not want us to succeed.

“In leaving, they did not want us to be a model for somebody else who might leave.

“I actually think that is paranoia, nobody else in the EU is going to leave.

“Nobody else is in our position, so that is where this comes from.”

Earlier on Saturday, Boris Johnson was told that a no-deal Brexit was the “lesser of two evils” for the European Union by a Belgian MEP.

Phillipe Lamberts told LBC he believes the Prime Minister doesn’t want a Brexit trade deal with the European Union.

The MEP added that opening the door to the EU single market without respecting EU standards was a worse alternative than failing to agree a trade deal with the UK. 

Mr Lamberts said: “The Prime Minister’s speech yesterday is consistent with the view I have held for some time that actually he doesn’t want a deal.”

The MEP stated that the European Union felt the “UK’s word could not be trusted” but they kept negotiating.

He added regarding Boris Johnson: “If he cannot provoke us to leave the table he has to do it himself.

“That is what he did yesterday alleging that the EU will not offer a Canada style deal.”

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Mr Lambert was also quizzed regarding the possibility of a no deal Brexit.

He said: “We have to choose between two evils, one is a no-deal Brexit and of course it will hurt.

“But opening the door to the EU single market without respecting EU standards would be an even worse evil between the two evils.

“We have to choose the lesser one.”

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