‘BBC had five years to prepare budget!’ MP erupts in over 75s licence fee row

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Red wall Tory MP, Jonathan Gullis, hit out at the BBC for failing to come up with a budget in five years after agreeing to continue funding the licence fee in 2015. He said that elderly residents in his constituency are “absolutely livid” and will not forget the broken promise. Speaking to Defund the BBC, Mr Gullis said: “The deal was done back in 2015 that in the financial year that we’re in now, they would take over the funding of the free licence fee for the over 75s.

“They’ve had five years to plan, prepare a budget and be ready for this.

“Now they’re suddenly bleeding hardship which is an absolute load of nonsense.

“When you see the extortionate salaries that they’re paying some of these celebrities who can’t keep their opinions to themselves and yet they’re working for the BBC which is meant to be an unbiased station.

“I just think people are sick to their back teeth.

“It’s a broken promise and one that won’t be forgotten especially by the elderly residents I serve who are absolutely livid.”

He also claimed the BBC is “no longer fit for purpose” and said that the broadcaster is trying to act like Netflix without the financing.

Mr Gullis said: “The comments I got from my constituents said it’s time to scrap the licence fee.

“It’s no longer fit for purpose.

“You need to remember the licence fee was introduced in 1948 when it was designed for the one channel.

“That was because we wanted people to be able to access the news and have some sort of programming equally across the country.

“The BBC for me has outgrown itself.

“It’s got a ridiculous amount of channels.

“It’s invested in all this other project work.


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“I think the reason their finances are in the state they’re in is because they’ve tried to act like Netflix without having any of the finance behind them.

“And forgetting that it’s the taxpayer that carries the buck and it simply isn’t good enough anymore.”

The BBC has warned that switching to a civil system would cost the broadcaster more than £200million a year.

The BBC told that customers are able to cancel their TV licence for a number of reasons.

This includes if they no longer watch or record programmes as they are being shown on TV, on any channel.

They can also cancel if they do not watch or stream programmes live on an online TV service or downloads or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer.

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