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Opinion | A Vengeful President Trump

To the Editor:

Re “Trump Is Said to Have Talked of Iran Attack” (front page, Nov. 17):

President Trump is engaged in a scorched earth vengeful destruction of the country that rejected him. He has 1) discussed starting a war with Iran; 2) continued to just watch as thousands die each day from Covid; and 3) fired federal employees to install his own deep state before leaving office. This is ample evidence that a weakness in the Constitution is allowing a departing president to remain in office until Jan. 20.

The Constitution should be amended to remove the president from office no more than a month after losing the election. And let’s throw out the irrational Electoral College while we are at it.

Both are proof that those founding fathers in their powdered wigs might not have envisioned what life would be like almost 250 years later.

Robert Gokay
Lincoln, Calif.

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